jack russell watercolor exploration

This one was my attempt at a unique subject for a friend’s birthday, a friend obsessed with jack russell terriers. The dogs themselves have definitely grown on me with their little muscular limb but strong, energetic personalities. A bad ass terrier listening to a bad ass record.

Watercolors Starters!

As I began experimenting with watercolors for the first time since playing around with it in grade school, I decided to follow the experts and start with the basics. I often get excited by new hobbies and drop them off in the middle. Though I really didn’t want this to be one of them, I…


A pen doodle mandala can be so relaxing sometimes. The repetitive strokes, engrossed in the details.

not quitting my job to travel

I love reading travel bloggers and this is a calling to the rest of us travel lovers, who love to follow you, to come and apply it to our own lives in a practical way. In fact, I hope to make this an independent woman lifestyle blog for us “millennials” As a travel lover, you can…