Watercolors Starters!

Art & Wrk, Make

As I began experimenting with watercolors for the first time since playing around with it in grade school, I decided to follow the experts and start with the basics. I often get excited by new hobbies and drop them off in the middle. Though I really didn’t want this to be one of them, I decided to invest in low/mid range palette rather than go all out at the beginning.

After checking out reviews, I settled on the Angora palette with 24 colors pan set at about $18. It gave me the diversity of colors and as a beginner, I feel like you need to focus less on blending new colors than on technique. The colors are pretty pigmented for the price range as you can see below. I think the only ones you really lose out on pigment are the reds. You have to layer a lot of concentrated color and even then sometimes see a line of separation which you don’t see as much in the cool colors.


As for brushes I really used basic ones from Michaels and Blick’s including brands Loew-Cornell, Fine Art and Princeton Art & Brush Co. I prefer the latter two in this price range as you can try out which brush types your work prefers through an affordable variety pack without sacrificing all quality. The Loew-Cornell were fine at the beginning but for detailed works I felt the brushes do not maintain their structure for as long.


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