A 20-something woman not quitting her job to travel the world while miraculously monetizing a travel blog stuffed with beautiful images, where I pose in expertly curated local outfits in front of surreal waterfalls with built-in photographers. NOPE. (a girl can dream)


I want to vacation A LOT… while being smart & frugal not just in all aspects of life! Some things you can hope to see:

  • how to plan local adventures
  • save more money for those trips and dresses from Zara in a more practical way
  • opening up that Etsy store you dreamed of.. but then started watching Netflix
  • mastering your personal style and make-up (I still have not to this day)

Like most of you, I am struggling to become a better version of myself and live my full potential. So as I stumble along, I hope to pass on my “wisdoms” to you. Don’t worry, they won’t all be from me. I love to explore, read, listen to podcasts so I hope to funnel that all those cool people in here who are doing really cool and inspiring things that we can actually apply or use in our daily lives. In today’s world, it’s so important for a young woman to empower herself with knowledge and figuring out what works for us as women.

Whether you want to add more travel into your regular life or just learn for once what a 401K is without passing out on your couch, this will be the zone. Hope you stick around. Cheers!